About Stacey Taylor



Hi! I’m Stacey Taylor, the creator of Effortlessly Eclectic. I'm an artist, designer, & interior stylist, and I am super passionate about all things creative! (Who am I kidding, … it’s an obsession!) I love helping people break free from all that is beige, boring, expected, and inviting them into the fun & colorful world of self-expression!


Personal Life

Creativity has been my passion since I was a kid. I always loved learning all sorts of new crafts with my mom, and making gifts with her to give to family at Christmas time. And I loved sitting on the floor drawing and coloring with my dad, and doing woodworking projects in the garage together.

My favorite day with my aunt was when she taught me how to weave baskets from cotton cord and yarn. And I loved when my grandma used to hold craft groups outside, like the day she taught me and the other children in her neighborhood how to make baskets from rolled magazines.

My best friend & I were always looking for anything we could get our hands on to make art from, like tin foil, paper plates, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and old sheets, … which for some reason we seemed to think our parents had an endless supply of!

As an adult I enjoy learning new crafts, as well as revisiting many of the crafts from my childhood. I love experimenting with new materials and techniques, and combining things in unique ways. When I see random things that other's cast aside, I get excited and think, "Oooh! I can make something cool with that!"

I'm also a big health & fitness buff, but don't expect to find me on the treadmill, because I like my exercise creative too! You're much more likely to find me dancing to a cool beat, or hanging upside down in an anti-gravity yoga class.



I received my B.S. in Interior Architecture & Design from University of Nevada Las Vegas. But my studies don’t stop there. I’ve always loved exploring new interests and learning about things I’m passionate about, such as interior design, art, dance, fitness, psychology & personal development.


Professional Experience

I have been fortunate to enjoy a variety of creative work experiences. I was the Lead Home Stylist for West Elm in Nevada, where I helped people create their personalized dream homes through classes and presentations, private chats, in home consultations, and personal shopping trips for furniture, accessories, and art and antique selections. I’ve worked in collaboration with other great designers to design hotel rooms, restaurants, and nightclubs as a design consultant for MGM Resorts International Design Group and as an assistant designer at Cagley & Tanner design firm in Las Vegas, NV.  I even had the pleasure of working for the awesome Antonio Ballatore of HGTV fame on a few projects in Las Vegas and Chicago. Before my design career began, I painted murals in a Chicago coffee shop, booked bands in Santa Barbara, taught dance classes & aerobics classes, and did party planning & event décor. As you can see, creativity truly is my passion!


Let's Get Started

I'm so excited to have you join me here at Effortlessly Eclectic! Let's go on an adventure into creative self-expression, where together we will create a fabulously styled home that's designed just for you, & is filled with all sorts of things that make you happy!


About Effortlessly Eclectic



My mission through Effortlessly Eclectic is to help you create a stylish home that you truly love. But really it's so much more than that. I created Effortlessly Eclectic in order to share with you the amazing feelings of joy and freedom you can get from creative self-expression. You are such a unique individual, and your home can become this really special eclectic mix of all the different things that make you feel good.  And I'm here to help you create that.  After all, variety is the spice of life!


The Blog

Come hang out with me on the blog where you’ll learn lots of fun and easy styling tips to create your very own Effortlessly Eclectic home.  We'll even talk about some beautiful & simple to make art projects that you can create for your space. 

What’s an Effortlessly Eclectic home?  It’s a home that incorporates memories you’ve collected over time, your current passions, and your dreams of the future.  It‘s filled with the various design styles, colors, textures, patterns, and imagery that you love.  On the blog you will learn how to combine these things that are seemingly so different, into a beautifully styled space that you feel truly amazing in!  Your home will be designed in such a way that it fully supports you.  The focus is always on what is right for you.


The Shop

Take a look around the Effortlessly Eclectic shop to find all sorts of fun handmade art and home décor. I made art for your walls, decorative pillows, pottery pieces, and more. When you see something you like, be sure to grab it before someone else does, because most of these items are one of kind!  I’ve always had a passion for adding a unique handmade touch to the things around me.  It’s fun knowing you have all these things that no one else has.  Take a look around and find something you like. Then you’ll have something no one else has, too!