How To Create a Design Mood for Each Room In Your Home


It's all about creating a space that feels good to you.

How To Create a Design Mood For Each Room in Your Home - Effortlessly Eclectic

One of the very first steps in designing any room in your home is to decide how you want to feel in that room. Do you want to feel relaxed, calm, & cozy? Or energized, motivated and excited? Or maybe exotic & sexy?

Next explore what colors, patterns, textures, items, make you feel that way. Feeling exotic & sexy may lead one person to think of red silk, sleek black furniture, tribal design details, and lots of shiny metals & crystal accents. Those are things that give them that feeling. While to another person it may mean purple velvet, silk sari patchworks, Moroccan lanterns, & lots of candles, because those are the things that make them feel exotic and sexy.

There is no right or wrong here, so rather than asking other people for their advice about how you should decorate your home (which will only tell you what THEY like) trust yourself and have fun expressing yourself your way! Get in touch with what YOU like & how things make YOU feel.

What you choose to express & the way you choose to express it are what make you unique!

How do the different rooms in your home make you feel? How are you expressing yourself in your home? Tell me in the comments. I'd love to hear!