Decorating & The Law of Attraction


How the things in your home can help guide you towards the life you desire.

Decorating and The Law of Attraction - How the Things in Your Home Can Help Guide You Towards the Life You Desire


It was really bothering me. This statue in my bedroom was up until recently placed way up high, on top of a very tall cabinet, & each night when I would lay down to go to sleep I would see it looking down at me & I'd begin to feel very uncomfortable. But I didn't know why. 

One day a good friend came over & I mentioned this to her. She offered to take the statue from me. I instantly felt an intense rush of feeling come over me, & I knew without at doubt that no, I most definitely did not want to let it go. It was a graduation gift from my family & it's so beautiful! However it continued to bring me discomfort for some reason yet unknown to me, so I was left very bewildered.

I talk a lot about how personal our homes are to us. That although things in & of themselves do not have a meaning, they do often hold very strong personal meaning to us. They make us feel things, good or bad. And I've always recommended getting anything out of your home that's making you feel negative feelings. So this situation really had me perplexed.

I've recently been studying the law of attraction, & learning a lot more about using our emotions to guide us, & about our ability to change our perception of things to better serve us. We get to choose how we see things, & seeing things in new ways can often greatly increase our happiness. Such an exciting concept!

Then it hit me.....

This statue represents family. That's an area I'd been struggling with recently. I'm single & realizing more & more how much I want to find a man to love & to be my partner in life. And also how much I want children in my life, whether they be my own or those of relatives & friends. And how much I want to connect more with all of the family members that I do have.

This statue also feels very spiritual to me. That's another area I'd been struggling with for a great while, due to some negative views on it I'd received from others that were just not working for me. I'd been enjoying connecting more & more to nature, but there were still great struggles for me with spirituality as a whole. 

This statue, looking down on me from high above, was making me feel as if the family & spirituality it represented to me were so high above where I was that they were out of my reach. Like it was all looking down on me making me feel very low & very small.

So I moved it. I took it down off the tall cabinet & placed it on a low table. When I lay in bed, it was now at my level. And instantly my perception of it, my feelings about it, & my feelings about what I could achieve in my own life, were all transformed into something new & beautiful. I became aware of how accessible all these things I had wanted so desperately actually are to me. They were never out of my reach,...I only needed to open up & let them in.

My feelings turned to those of appreciation & excitement of the future!

Since then I've been feeling open & excited about finding a partner in life. I've reconnected with family that I had all but lost touch with. I've spent more time around children that I love. And I've found new spiritual teachings that have brought me the most amazing feelings of hope, faith, joy, & gratitude. Just as the Law of Attraction promises, by changing my thoughts & feelings from being down about what I didn't have, to instead being open to & excited about both what I do have & also what I want to create for myself, things have already begun to change & my world is a much brighter place.

Did the statue itself somehow magically do all this for me? Well no, of course not. But I used the statue & how it made me feel as a tool to help me get in touch with what it was I was wanting in life. And by moving it to a location that I felt symbolically helped support me in getting what I want, it helped to change my thoughts so that I became focused on the positive & on being open to receiving what I desire. And now I feel peace, joy, & excitement about the future every time I look at it! And that is why decorating your own home is something that is so very personal.

This statue is now one of my greatest treasures. For now I will keep it on the low table as it's making me very happy there. But who knows,...I may decide to move it back up high where it can lovingly watch over me. All that matters is that now it makes me happy. That my home makes me happy. That I am happy.

I wish you the same happiness in your home & in your life.