Color Your Home

Adult coloring meets home decorating with Color Your Home books.

Adult coloring books / DIY home decor book - Color Your Home series by Stacey Taylor of Effortlessly Eclectic

Become the Artist of Your Own Home

Take time out to relax your mind & enjoy playing with your favorite colors to create your own custom artwork.

Creating your own artwork for your home is fun & easy with Color Your Home books, because they are filled with hand drawn artwork ready for you to color & frame, plus tips on coloring, framing & displaying your artwork in your home. You'll even get ideas on how you can add further touches of your chosen style to the eclectic mix in your home with furniture, lighting, & accessories. 

Experience the joy of sitting back & admiring the beauty you've added to your home by decorating it with something that you yourself created.

Something that no one else in the world has.

Now that's an amazing feeling. 



Get in touch with the adventurous, creative, free spirited bohemian inside of you that is just waiting to come out and celebrate life!

Add whatever colors light up your spirit as you create your own unique renditions of beautifully hand drawn mandalas, peacock feathers, flowers, peace signs, yin yang symbols, & henna style drawings that will add so much love and light to your home.


Enjoy creating with a truly eclectic mix of geometric art inspired by crop circles, modern faceted designs, mod designs from the 1960’s and 70’s, science fiction, tribal art, glass art, architecture, nature, & children’s toys.

Color abstract designs, city skylines, mountains, flowers, and more; all created with simple geometric shapes.