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I can help you

  • Discover your very own signature style
  • Adjust your home to better fit your current or desired lifestyle
  • Decide how to use those "extra" rooms in your house that you just don't know what to do with
  • Create gorgeous color pallets
  • Save money by finding creative new ways to reuse items you currently own
  • Select the right new furniture, art & accessories for your home
  • Create image boards to visualize what your new space will look like
  • Design furniture floor plans that work
  • Design fun gallery walls to show off your favorite art & photos
  • Add excitement with custom art, art installations, and wall murals



Please Note:

I am not a licensed architect, and do not do architectural remodeling such as moving walls, or installing cabinetry or flooring. I am however happy to help you make aesthetic choices for your remodel, such as wood finishes, tile, stone, and flooring. Any recommendations I make concerning these items will be based purely on aesthetics. Please consult your architect or contractor for information on durability, installation, safety concerns, etc.

I am not affiliated with any other businesses. I may suggest items for you that you can purchase from other companies. Should you have any problems with any of these items, please do let me know, but you will need to contact that store directly to address your concerns as I am not responsible for their merchandise.

Pricing is based upon individual needs. Contact me to discuss what you are looking for, & options for how I can best help you.


Home Styling Services



You want a home that expresses you. A home that you enjoy living in, because it totally fits your personality & lifestyle.

When you're in your home, you want to be able to look around & see colors & patterns you love, things that remind you of happy times, things that inspire you, & things that just make you feel good. You want to be surrounded by textures, scents, & sounds that you enjoy & that fit how you want to feel in each space.

Design is very personal. A home that's beautiful & absolutely adored by someone else, may not be a fit for you at all. I see pictures all the time of rooms that are absolutely gorgeous & I really enjoy looking at, & I would love to be able to experience spending a little time in them. But if I were to live in them exactly as they were, it just wouldn't feel right, because as much as I might appreciate the look, it's just not me.

I want to do so much more than just help you create a beautiful home. I want you to have a home that's really right for you.


Image Board by Stacey Taylor
Sources: West Elm, Home Goods, and Z Gallerie


Mural by Stacey Taylor
Canvas Art by Jennifer Main Gallery, Lyrics by John Lennon


Let's make your wildest creative art & styling dreams come true.


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