Diamond Flower Mandala

WA01 Diamond Flower Mandala.jpg
WA01 Diamond Flower Mandala.jpg

Diamond Flower Mandala


While I was in Interior Design school, I learned the technique of drawing onto smooth translucent papers like trace paper and vellum, and then coloring them with high quality art markers.  The way these papers allowed the colors of the markers to blend was like nothing I'd ever seen!  That is the technique I used to create Diamond Flower Mandala.  I then refinished the frame by painting it with teal acrylic paint and then gently antiquing it to compliment the art inside. 

I like to let each mandala evolve naturally as I draw starting from the center and continue working outwards, letting it's unique story emerge on its own.  This mandala with it's floral like center and diamond shape exterior led to its name Diamond Flower Mandala. 



12" x 12"

original art

art marker & fine liner art pen on paper

hand painted & antiqued frame

handmade by Stacey Taylor

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