Rainforest Falls Dreamcatcher

Rainforest Falls Dreamcatcher



Loose yourself in a daydream of wandering through a lush green rainforest. Feeling the mist on your face as you look up at the beautiful waterfall that splashes down to where you swim in the crystal clear blue waters below, celebrating the beauty & healing powers of mother nature.

Dreamcatchers are such a sweet symbol of peaceful sleep. The old Native American story says that if you hang a dreamcatcher near your bed, any bad dreams will be caught in its web, while your good dreams will flow through freely.

Express the free spirited nature loving boho side of you in your home by adding Rainforest Falls Dreamcatcher to your eclectic home decor mix.

A special thank you to my Instagram friend Leah Hockman for helping me name this piece. 




14" wide x 60" long large dreamcatcher

metal ring wrapped in acrylic yarns

hand woven cotton cord web

acrylic yarn fringe

turquoise, silver, copper, iridescent blue, speckled blue, & speckled gray beads

handmade by Stacey Taylor

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