Fire Dance

Fire Dance



This piece was created with a version of the marbling process.  Here I dripped the paints directly onto the wood, dragging objects through the paint to create interesting wavy lines.  Occasionally I'll hold the wood up vertically and rotate it in different directions, letting the paint run down a bit, to add further distortion to the shapes created.  The thickness of the paints on the wood add extra dimension.

I like to let each marbled piece evolve naturally, slowly adding colors that seem to compliment the ones before them, and letting  the painting's unique story emerge on its own.  I love the fiery colors in the one, called Fire Dance. 



6 3/4" square

original art

marbled painting

acrylic and clear sealer on wood

sawtooth hanger on back for easy hanging

hang on a wall or display upright in an easel (easel not included)

hand painted by Stacey Taylor

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