Map Vase in Cream & Sage

Map Vase in Cream & Sage



Pottery is such a relaxing meditative art process, and hanging out at the local pottery studio connecting with other creative people is a great way to spend the day!  

I made this decorative bottle on a potters wheel. After it dried a bit, I carved the lower portion to add some texture.  It was then bisque fired to give it enough strength for handling during the glazing process. Then I glazed the bottle in soft colors.  After glazing, it went back into the kiln to be fired again. This final firing fully strengthens the entire piece, and also brings out the colors as the glazes become molten and turn into a glass.

This vase, with the different sections of texture, made me think of the maps we used to color with colored pencils in grade school. That was a part of my school day I really enjoyed.



3" diameter x 4.75" tall

pottery clay

matte soft white, gloss pale blue, & gloss sage glazes

made on a potter's wheel

handmade by Stacey Taylor



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