Springtime Sunset Mandala

Springtime Sunset Mandala


This piece is part of a series of mandalas I created called Springtime Mandalas. They are mixed media art combining water color painting, torn paper edges highlighted with metallic acrylic paint, details drawn with gel pens, & a background of art markers on crinkled paper.

I like to let each mandala I create evolve naturally, letting it's unique story emerge on it's own. 

After creating this piece, I decided to call it Springtime Sunset. The repeating petal shapes remind me of springtime flowers, and the colors recall all of the beauty of watching a gorgeous sunset as the sky gradually transforms from day to night.




12"  x 12" square

original art

mixed media

watercolor, gel pen, art marker, & acrylic paint on paper

repurposed frame

hand painted by Stacey Taylor

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