Turquoise and Tassels

Turquoise and Tassels



As a child of the 70's I find it so exciting to see many of the crafts that I enjoyed during my childhood regain their popularity!  Macrame is one of those crafts that I enjoyed as a child.  I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my mom, as we learned how to make the decorative knots like the larks head & the square knot, and then combined them all in different ways to form creations such as plant hangers & even holiday wreaths to give as gifts for family.

The Turquoise and Tassels Macrame Wall Hanging is woven from cotton cord attached to a green bamboo rod. It has a strand of turquoise beads in the center, and three tassels wrapped in jade jute cord. 




28" wide x 5'4" long

green bamboo rod

natural cotton cord

jade jute cord

turquoise beads

handmade by Stacey Taylor

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