3 Steps to a Happy Home


Following the proper order makes your life so much easier!

3 Steps To A Happy Home

Creating a home that makes you feel good, is an important part of self care. Your home is there to support you, and to help you get what you want out of life. But answer honestly,...is your home making you happy, or driving you crazy?

When you are surrounded by clutter, it can stress you out big time. You can't find things when you need them. And you have all this stuff you don't know what the heck to do with. Being surrounded by all that extra stuff, can make you feel like the walls are closing in on you, & you can't breath.

So what do most of us do when we feel like that? We head out to pick up extra storage containers! Bins, boxes, drawers, carts, shelves. That will fix everything, right? 

But stop! Put your keys down, sit down, & take a deep breath. I promise you there is a better way. And here it is...

The key is following the 3 steps to creating a happy home, AND,....doing them in the proper order. 


Step 1 Declutter

How do you know what you need to store, & what types of containers to get, if you don't even know what you want to keep? The short answer,....you don't. Right now, you need to start by focusing on getting rid of anything and everything in your home that isn't making you happy. The things you keep in your home should be making your life better, or else what are they doing there? Only keep things that bring you joy, or that make your life easier. Everything else can go. 


Step 2 Organize

OK, now that you only have the things you truly want, you can start by putting them in their appropriate place. Keep all like items together, and in the place that makes the most sense. You don't want to be running around looking for things, so categorize each item by how you use it. All laundry items together, all clothing items together, all craft items together, all sports items together, and so on. Sure, this one sounds like common sense, but if you've been living with too much stuff, you'll often find that you've gotten desperate to find a place to stash things, which can lead to like items being scattered about. Now's the time to get them all grouped together properly. You may find that since you've gotten rid of all the unnecessary stuff, that you don't even need any new storage containers now. But if you do, now is the time to get them so everything can be put away in it's proper place.


Step 3 Decorate

The creative fun begins! It's time to add your own personality to your home. Paint your walls in fun colors, hang artwork that you enjoy looking at, & accessorize with things that make you happy. Turn your home into a space that really feels like you. This is definitely not the time to go asking everyone else their opinion on what's right for your home. You'll just end up confused, because every time you ask a new person you'll get a different opinion. The reason being, they are talking about what THEY like . But what you are looking for here, is what YOU like. So trust your instincts. You know what you like. And your home is the one place you can totally express your unique self, so be sure to take full advantage of it. Make it an eclectic mix of things you absolutely love.


Congratulations! That's it! The 3 steps to creating a happy home.

Give it a try & tell me in the comments how it goes. Got some friends you think would enjoy this information? Then spread the love by sharing this post with them so they can create their happy home too!

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Here's to your happy home! 


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