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Get rid of your clutter & enjoy the benefits of a clear mind, greater vitality, & all around happiness!

Clutter Free Bliss - Effortlessly Eclectic Art & Home Decor Blog

Ugh. Clutter.

Clutter is equal to stress & overwhelm, & that is definitely something you don't want to invite into your home. So when you start to notice things piling up & tearing you down, you know it's definitely time to de-clutter.

De-cluttering isn't a once & done kind of thing. It's actually something that is best when you embrace it as part of your overall healthy lifestyle.

I've learned that whenever I start feeling stuck, not moving forward in my life, it's time to take a look at what I need to let go of so I'll have a clear path (both physically & mentally) to move forward.

Maybe it's the papers that are piling up on my coffee table keeping me from truly relaxing in my living room. Or the unfinished projects on my art studio desk keeping me from fully completing something new. Or the clothes in my closet I never wear. Or the chaos of random scattered notes & to do lists of things that aren't really all that essential after all. 

Whenever you start feeling stressed out & out of control, that means it's time to de-clutter.

So grab your trash bag & start tossing whatever is in your way, because if it isn't actually making your life better, it's time to let it go!

A good round of de-cluttering can leave you feeling wonderfully free! When your home is filled with only the things you love & use, something really amazing happens. Nothing is in your way! Your energy lifts, your mind becomes clear & you're ready to move forward in your life in any direction you choose!

In your clutter free home you can finally truly relax and enjoy your space, because being clutter free feels oh so very good.

And when you want to create something new (maybe a new piece of art, or that book you've always wanted to write) you are free from distractions & can totally get in the zone & create something magical!

Like everything in life, de-cluttering is so much easier when you do it bit-by-bit on a regular basis, rather than letting things pile up into a great big mountain of stressful clutter to tackle. Just a few minutes of decluttering each day can make a world of difference in your life.

I hope this inspires you to embrace de-cluttering as a part of your overall healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy the benefits of a clear mind, greater vitality, & all around happiness it brings you!

So tell me... where does clutter have a tendency to pile up in your home? What is something you can spend a few minutes de-cluttering right now in order to make your home a happier place? Tell me in the comments below, & get started creating your clutter free happy home today!


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