Create a Home Filled With Happy Memories


A story of childhood joy.

Create A Home Filled With Happy Memories

I remember being sprawled out on the floor with my dad amidst a pile of crayons & paper as we created art together sitting in front of this orange cabinet when I was a child. He was drawing a picture of my little fur sister. I was extremely impressed with his creative abilities. 

I remember the feeling of excitement I felt on Christmas morning at first seeing my new big bright yellow bean bag chair, and my new red bike with the streamers hanging from the handlebars. Santa was always so good to me. Yes, there they were, right there between the Christmas tree and the orange cabinet. 

This cabinet brings back so many wonderful childhood memories, making it a piece I'll always treasure.

The vibrant orange color & swirling spirals are absolutely beautiful to me. They feel like pure joy!

Decorating your home is not about chasing after the latest trends that everyone around you seems to be trying to convince you that you absolutely must have in your home.

It's about creating your own little world filled with the things that make your heart sing.

What special pieces do you have in your home that touch your heart? Tell me in the comments below. I'd love to hear.


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