Creating With Hot Glass


An experience I'll always treasure.

Creating With Hot Glass - An Experience I'll Always Treasure

One of the most exciting days of my life was when I went to a blown glass studio and was invited to help make this blue glass flower.

I've always adored colored glass, because I love luscious color, and glass just seems to show off beautiful colors in a way not other material can. And the fluidity of it fascinates me to no end!

Being able to heat the glass so hot that you can drip and bend and shape it into beautiful forms. Letting it slowly cool to hold its last pose for all of time.

The biggest challenge for me in creating with hot glass was remembering that I was working with a molten material and needed to be very careful to keep my body safe. I was absolutely mesmerized by its fluidity!

The blown glass studio I visited is long since gone, but the memories of the experience will stay with me forever. And I hope to experience this wonderous art form again one day, as it truly has my heart.

Have you had the experience of seeing blown glass art created? Or experienced creating with it first hand?  Tell me in the comments. I'd love to hear your stories.




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