Decluttering College Memories


Yay! You graduated! Now move on with your life.

Decluttering college memories.jpg

Ah, the college years. Bonding with classmates while pulling all nighters, working on projects you thought would never end, & then finally that glorious day comes when you’ve reached the finish line & you get that little piece of paper that announces to the world that YAY! You did it!... and now it’s time to move on with your life.

And then it hits you that in addition to that one little piece of paper, you’re left with a ginormous mountain of other papers to deal with! Notebooks full of notes on every subject, quizzes, tests, term papers, & projects galore! You worked so hard on it all! It represents countless hours of blood, sweat, & tears! You can’t just throw it all away, can you?

Your college responsibilities are over. The stuff is yours to do with as you please. But I can tell you one thing for sure… stashing it all in the closet is not the answer.

You only have so much physical space in your home, and getting more & more storage to stash away stuff from the past that you never look at or use is a recipe for disaster. When things start piling up, it's definitely time to de-clutter.

It took me about 3 big rounds of de-cluttering to narrow down my college memories. Some things were easy to get rid of. Others took me much more time to realize I needed to let go of.

The last round of de-cluttering happened recently when I was fixing up my art studio. I’d realized my studio was no longer functioning for me because it had gotten way too crowded, & it was time to do something about it.

When you stare at the same stuff day after day, you can become numb to it. You may not even fully see what’s right in front of you, because you get so used to glossing over the things that aren’t related to your current focus. But energetically it eats at you. You know you are not living the best life you can. Stuff is in the way. You start to feel stressed. You can’t easily get to what you need. And that is exactly what I realized was happening in my art studio.

When I turned my focus towards turning my studio into the perfect creative space for my current life as it is now, I was surprised to see just how much of it was taken up by stuff other than art supplies… I found tons of gift-wrap, note cards, a work manual from a past job, & yes…  notebook after notebook of college papers. I’d gotten rid of SO many in the past! But wow, there were still a lot of them.

So I got to work tossing whatever needed to go.

I’m happy to say that my college memories are now narrowed down to those that are really important to me, and they all fit in one notebook. It's filled with concept sketches & final renderings from favorite design projects (such as the Mad Hatter's kitchen design project that was incredibly fun to create!) along with a few other random memories (such as the physics exam that I had thought was an impossible feat but that I actually did quite well on!) The next step will be to organize everything in that notebook into one well laid out book of memories of my college years that I can fully enjoy. But I’ll come back to that later on...

What I had set my sights on was creating a functional studio space for my life as it is right now. And while there will always be more that needs to go (because things are always evolving & changing so decluttering is something that is best when you make it part of your everyday lifestyle), I can proudly say that my mission has been accomplished! I once again have a well functioning space to happily create in!

What area of your home is it time to address? What space is not functioning well for your current lifestyle that you know can be so much better? Tell me in the comments below & then get started on it today! Remember, you don’t have to complete it all in one day. It’s a process. One step at a time, over time, and you’ll see big changes. The key is to just get started and let the momentum build & carry you onward towards everything that you desire!


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