Decluttering is Self Love In Action


Value yourself enough to say goodbye to your clutter once and for all!

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If you’re living among sky high piles of random papers, overstuffed closets full of who knows what, things you haven’t used in years that you’re hanging on to “just in case”, broken things, stuff that’s connected to bad memories, and stuff you just plain don’t even like, then what exactly do you think that says about how you value yourself?

That used to be my life. Due to some childhood teachers’ well-meaning messages that were not at all right for me, I pretty much always felt that I was at the mercy of others. That others had all the control, & I did not. So as an adult I was not really in control of my home, & I was not really in control of my life. I’ve spent much of my life working hard to change that, & I’m finally really doing it.

I’ve been on another massive de-cluttering mission for a while now, and let me tell you, it feels so very good!

I’m valuing myself more & more, & I’m no longer willing to accept things in my life that I used to accept. I’m taking control of my life & upping my standards big time, and doing it all at warp speed!

If you’ve amassed a bunch of clutter in your home & life, I understand it can be scary to even think of letting go of it all, but it’s ok because you don’t have to do it all at once.

Like everything in life, it’s a process. We grow & change over time. We get better & better at it the more we do it, becoming more comfortable with letting go of things each time we take action.

De-cluttering is a self-improvement practice. It’s self-love in action. It’s re-claiming your power & standing up for yourself by saying “No more! I’m done!” to everything that has been weighing you down & holding you back.

It takes some time, but the time will pass whether you take the step to make your life better or you don’t, so just go right ahead & take that step. I promise you, you are worth it.

And when you really start seeing the incredible changes in your home & life that happen when you up your standards of what you will & will not accept, one day it hits you… “This is FUN!”

Suddenly you’re excitedly tossing bags of junk in the dumpster & rushing off with carloads of stuff to take to the donation center because you want it out now! You know you deserve better, & you’re excited to make it happen!

I know all this to be true, because this is exactly what I’ve been doing on a daily basis lately, and wow it feels absolutely incredible!

And if I can do it, then so can you!

Show yourself some love by getting rid of some of your clutter right now.

Throw a couple things in the trash. Put a couple things in your car trunk to take to the donation center.

Just get started.

And watch your whole life improve with each new step you take in showing yourself the love & respect you truly deserve!