3 Wonderfully Easy to Care for Houseplants


The “No Green Thumb Needed” Guide to Creating Your Own Secret Garden

Easy to care for houseplants for eclectic home - with Celeste La Fleur original art - Effortlessly Eclectic art & home decor blog

Just imagine having your own secret garden in your home, filled with gorgeous lush green plants that calm your mind & lift your spirits every time you look at them.

If you’ve tried having plants in your home before but had no luck, then these are the houseplants for you. They’ll bring lots of personality to your home & happiness to your life!


The Ponytail Palm

Easy to care for houseplants for eclectic home - ponytail palm - with Springtime Sunset Mandala original art - Effortlessly Eclectic art & decor

The Pony Tail Palm

Absolutely adorable, right? This plant friend has such a fun playful personality. And isn’t it cute how she so effortlessly pulls off that stylish messy ponytail look?

This little leafy friend is such an incredibly easy to care for houseplant. She’ll love keeping you company in your home. Just open up your drapes to let her soak up some sunshine & give her a little water now & then, & she’ll be very happy.


The Pothos

Easy to care for houseplants for eclectic home - pothos - with Purple Haze Dreamcatcher - Effortlessly Eclectic Art & Decor

The Pothos

This plant friend has such a wonderfully easy going personality. You can put her in water or soil, and she’ll be happy either way.

And when you invite this lovely plant friend into your home get ready to have some creative fun together, because you can style those leafy locks of hers however you like! Give her a mid length cut creating a nice full shape. Or let her lovely leafy locks grow long so they can elegantly trail down from your bookshelf or hanging planter. Or maybe even try something a little unconventional for her. I like to give mine a nice long asymmetrical cut. So very sexy!

A little water & filtered sunlight keeps her feeling happy. Her leaves are toxic though, so just be sure to keep her out of reach of any pets or children who might think she’s a tasty snack.

Oh, and by the way, whenever you give her a little trim, just stick those cuttings in water or soil & you’ll have a whole new plant friend to enjoy!


The Spider Plant

Easy to care for houseplants for eclectic home - spider plant - with Letting Go original art - Effortlessly Eclectic art & decor

The Spider Plant

Just look at that big beautiful mane! Oh what I wouldn’t do for a brilliant coiffure like that! I mean Is this beauty the life of the party, or what! She’s incredibly flamboyant, full of personality, & so very sweet. She likes doing her part to keep you entertained and feeling joyful.

And like her ponytail palm friend, this beauty has such an incredibly effortless sense of style. I mean you don’t really have to do a thing, she just wakes up looking like that!

She loves basking in some nice bright indirect sunlight each day, likes well drained soil, and just like the rest of us she enjoys a drink of water now & then.

Take a look down down below. See those little lovelies dangling down? Those are her babies! Aren’t they cute? Just like a little child hanging onto mama’s leg. When she has lots of growing babies like this she can get a bit tired taking care of them all, so it’s time for her to let some of those babies enjoy venturing out on their own. Just gently take some of them off the mama plant & put them in water till their roots grow a bit. Then give them a nice pot of soil and watch them grow big & strong and have babies of their own!

Want to meet one of her babies?


The Spider Plant Baby

Easy to care for houseplants - spider plant baby - Effortlessly Eclectic art & decor

The Spider Plant Baby

Awe, such a little cutie pie!

So young & sweet and looking quite stylish in her pretty little colorful display!


So there you have it.

3 Wonderfully easy to care for houseplants to create your own secret garden in your home.


#1. The Ponytail Palm

#2 The Pothos

#3 The Spider Plant

So tell me, do you currently have any of these plant friends keeping you company in your home? If not, which are you thinking of inviting to come live with you?

Are there any other super easy to care for houseplants you love that you’d add to this list? If so, please share their names with us all in the comments below, so we can meet them!


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