How to Create a Home Decorating Plan


6 Easy Steps to Take You from Spinning in Overwhelm to Finally Creating a Home That Makes You Truly Happy

How to Create a Home Decorating Plan - 6 Easy Steps from Overwhelm to Happy Home

You want a home that both looks and feels good to you. But do you actually have a clear vision of what will make you truly happy? Do you really know what it is that you want?

Here’s the honest truth…. if you don’t know what you want, someone else will decide for you.

Every opinion offered by friends & family, every trend that other people around you are following, every advertisement that convinces you that you just have to have whatever it is that they’re offering, & every giant red sale sign that makes you feel like you’d be a fool to pass up such a bargain. All of this can throw you off track if you aren’t really clear on what it is you actually want.

You certainly don’t want a home filled with things that are other people’s style mixed in with a bunch of random stuff you got on sale.

You want a home that feels right to YOU.

So how do you go about creating that for yourself? How do you take charge so that you can finally create a home for yourself that makes you truly happy?

You need to create a home decorating plan.

Here’s how…..

How to Create a Home Decorating Plan Tip # 1:

Get Clear About What Makes You Feel Good

You can’t create a home filled with what makes you feel good, until you’re truly in touch with what it actually is that makes you feel good.

Not what you think should make you feel good. And not what stereotypically makes most people feel good. But what genuinely makes you feel good.

Journaling is a great way to quiet all those outside voices that have likely been taking up space in your mind. Letting yourself daydream as you put pen to paper is a wonderful way to turn your focus inward & get crystal clear on your own thoughts.

Take a little time to daydream and journal now and then about everything you can think of that fills you with positive emotions. Your favorite memories from the past, your dreams for the future, & what you’re super passionate about right now.

Write from a sensory point of view. Fully immerse yourself in your daydream as if it were happening right now, experiencing all of the wonderful colors, textures, scents, & sounds that surround you.

Imagine feeling that soft cozy afghan your grandma made that you loved to curl up with on the sofa when you were little.

Seeing the beautiful tile patterns you can’t wait to see everywhere when you go on your dream trip to Morocco.

Smelling that deliciously scented essential oil that flows through the air from the diffuser in your yoga class each Saturday.

Diving into that lovely bright teal blue water that you and your love delighted in swimming in on your honeymoon in the Bahamian islands.

When you get in touch with what makes you feel good, you’ll see that it’s wonderful inspiration for creating a home that makes you truly happy.

How to Create a Home Decorating Plan Tip # 2:

Look at Where You Are Right Now

Take a look around your home. Really see it with fresh eyes.

So often we don’t even fully see what’s around us. It’s there every day so we just sort of ignore it & go about our business. But whether you’re consciously paying attention to the state of your home or not, it is still influencing how you feel.

Your home will either lift your spirits or drag you down, so make sure you take the time to really look around and become consciously aware of what you’re surrounding yourself with in your home.

What feels good to you?

What doesn’t?

What is missing that you would really enjoy?

Take note of what changes you want to make, so you can make them happen.

How to Create a Home Decorating Plan Tip # 3:

De-clutter What Needs to Go

When you look around your home, you may see some things that just don’t belong.

You suddenly realize that some of the things in your home just aren’t filled with good vibes like you felt from all those wonderful things you journaled about.

If you have things in your home that are broken, damaged, or worn out; things that bring back bad memories, things that aren’t your style, things that aren’t a fit for your life right now, it’s time to step up and take better care of yourself by taking care of your home.

There’s no reason to keep anything in your home that isn’t making you feel good. Surround yourself with things that enhance your life. Get rid of what doesn’t. Repair anything that needs fixing & take immediate action to toss or donate whatever you know needs to go.

How to Create a Home Decorating Plan Tip # 4:

Decide What You Need

OK, now it’s time to prioritize what you want to take care of purchasing for your home.

Overwhelming yourself with a gazillion “priorities” isn’t going to get you anywhere. (Trust me,… I know. Lesson learned!)

It’s important to narrow your focus to just a few small things you really want to take care of. That way you can actually get them accomplished.

What do you need in your home right now to make you feel good?

A new side table to replace the one your puppy mistook for a giant chew toy? A soft fluffy throw to cozy up with on the sofa while you watch your favorite show on Netflix? More soothing colors to relax your soul when you come home from your exciting fast paced job? A large piece of artwork to decorate that empty wall space above your buffet?

Focus first on what’s most important to you. Getting those few things taken care of first will make a big impact in how you feel in your home.

How to Create a Home Decorating Plan Tip # 5:

Explore Your Options

When it comes to purchasing items for your home, there are endless options out there available for you to choose from. So if you really want to create a home you truly love, then don’t just buy the first thing you see that sort of works. Instead, take a little time to enjoy seeing what’s out there and selecting items for your home that you truly love.

Enjoy browsing your favorite home décor shops, antique stores, & art galleries in your area.

Explore your options online too, where you’ll find an even greater selection of furniture, antiques, & unique art & decor available to you.

Google things that come to mind to see what else out there is available to you that you may not have been aware of.

As you explore, really tune in and pay close attention to how things make you feel. Get a good feel for what you like & what you don’t.

How to Create a Home Decorating Plan Tip # 6:

Choose What You Like

Yep. That’s right… it’s time to shop!

Now that you have a good idea of what you like, what you need, and what’s available to you, it’s time to whip out that credit card & make it happen.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to be truly confident in your purchases, because you took the time and care to select things for your home that are right for you. Those special pieces that make you feel really good.

Once you’ve taken care of everything on your list, sit back and enjoy the environment that you have lovingly created for yourself in your home.

It’s such a wonderful feeling.


When you find yourself feeling ready to make a few more upgrades in your home again, then what do you do? Simply repeat the exact same process to create a new home decorating plan.

When you create a home decorating plan for yourself, you’ll no longer be at risk of loosing control over the creation of your home. Random opinions, sale signs, & shiny object syndrome will no longer get in the way of you creating what you really want.

Now your home will truly be your own little world. A beautiful place created by you, filled with everything that makes you smile.


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