How To Create a Home That's Full of Life and Fun Personality


Because your home should make you smile!

How To Create a Home That's Full of Life and Fun Personality

Want your home to feel fun and full of life? Here are 3 things to add to it to create that feeling….

Living Plants

Lush gorgeous plants add so much life to a home, because they are literally alive! Connect with them, truly enjoy your living leaf friends, and give them your loving care. Be sure the plants in your home are healthy & thriving. A sickly or shriveled up plant is not the energy you’re looking for here. You want the plants in your home to be lush & vibrant, as this is clearly a much better energy to surround yourself with. Pothos & spider plants are two of my easy to care for favorites.

People and Animals

Having people and animals in your home most definitely adds a lot of life to it. But what does that have to do with your décor? Well, adding art & accessories that represent people, animals, or even whimsical fantasy characters, will add life to your home as well! Just be sure to focus on finding pieces that represent these characters in positive uplifting moods, as their energy will most certainly affect yours.

Fun Quirky Pieces

Design, and life in general, doesn’t have to be so serious. Add some fun playful personality to your home environment with a few quirky pieces of art & décor. When you’re out & about and you spot a piece that makes you giggle & smile from ear to ear, that’s definitely something to consider bringing home with you.  

While you may not always be readily aware of it, your environment has a strong affect on you. Give yourself some loving care by creating a home for yourself that is full of life and fun! Your spirit will thank you. 

What do you have in your home that brings life & fun personality to it? What are you now thinking of adding to it? Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to hear.


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