Letting Go


A Personal Transformation as Expressed Through Art

Letting Go - Original Mixed Media Art Wall Hanging by Stacey Taylor of Effortlessly Eclectic

When I first started creating “Letting Go”, it was intended to be simply my own artistic representation of the basic concept behind the Law of Attraction.  I’d recently started listening to Esther Hick’s videos about the Law of Attraction daily, so the concept was on the forefront of my mind and something I felt a desire to creatively express.

She talks a lot about letting go of the oars, no longer fighting the current, and instead relaxing & enjoying the joyful ride downstream. I’d heard this analogy before in Taoist teachings. This time around I was beginning to gain a bit more understanding of how to put it all into practice. I thought an art piece would be a fun way to express my excitement about what I was learning.

As you “read” the visual story of the art piece as told from left to right, the yarns flow downward, representing getting into that natural flow state. It’s amazing how wonderfully effortless your life becomes when you let go of resistance & simply allow your life to flow. Being in flow brings fun, joy, beauty; a blossoming of the life you desire. The richly colorful flowers and playfully patterned beads that trail below them represent this joyful blossoming of your life.

Well to my surprise, the art piece “Letting Go” has evolved into so much more than I ever thought any art piece could be for me. It had incredible things to teach me. It became a part of me, mirroring my every move while I was learning new life lessons. Whenever I was struggling to understand a certain life lesson, I became stuck & couldn’t progress on the art piece. And whenever I gained new insight on that life lesson & put it into practice, the art piece, and everything else in life, moved along effortlessly.

During the process of creating Letting Go, I was one by one finally understanding & fully connecting with life lesson after life lesson that I’d heard before, but until then had never fully grasped. While creating it, I experienced such amazing transformation at speeds like never before. It is infused with incredible amounts of positive energy that I’m excited to share with you.

Following are the life lessons I gained a much greater understanding of while creating this art piece. I share them with you in hopes of inspiring you to let go and enjoy the ride as you witness the beautiful blossoming of your life.




Let Go of Unhealthy Relationships

Open yourself up to the fun and loving relationships you desire. Free yourself & others from any relationships that are not joyful so that you can attract the kinds of connections that do bring joy. Practice loving yourself and others the way you want to be loved. Be the kind of love you want to attract & it will come to you.



Let Go of Trying to Change People & Conditions

Trying to force things to be the way you think you want them to be in an effort to find happiness doesn’t work. Letting go of control frees both yourself & those around you. Accept what is before you, & hold your focus on the positive aspects that feel good. Connect with your own joy within yourself, share your joy with others, see the good in everything & everyone, & you will attract wonderful experiences & connections with others into your life.



Let Go of Trying Too Hard

Your life doesn’t have to be such hard work. Suffering and sacrifice doesn’t create joy. Everything doesn’t have to be solved right this minute. Decide what you want, enjoy fantasizing about it and exploring it, embrace the unknown of how it will come to you, and joyfully appreciate the unfolding of each step along the way to receiving it.



Let Go of Old Beliefs That Art Holding You Back

They are nothing more than habitual thoughts that are ready to be released & replaced with brighter thoughts that better serve you.



Let Go of Guilt & Shame

Appreciate it as a message from your inner spirit that something about the situation you were thinking about when you had those feelings is not in alignment with who you truly are. Get in touch with your own thoughts about who you really are at the core, & how you want to live. Free yourself to joyfully & authentically live your life your own way.



Let Go of Feelings of Unworthiness

You don’t have to struggle to prove your worth. You are already worthy. Relax and let good things come to you. Joyfully accept and appreciate all that is given to you.



Let Go of Everything That is Not Serving You

Physical objects, sights, sounds, words, textures, scents, thoughts in your mind, relationships, habits, behaviors, rituals, & perceived obligations… if they are not bringing you joy, let them go. Hold your focus on everything that makes you smile.



You are the creator of your own life.

Let go of everything that is no longer serving you and turn your focus towards what makes you happy.

Relax & enjoy creating a life you truly love.



Bring this beautifully transformative original art piece home.

Letting Go - Original Mixed Media Art Wall Hanging created by Stacey Taylor of Effortlessly Eclectic

Letting Go - a one of a kind mixed media art wall hanging

Letting Go - Gifts of love inside pocket of the original mixed media art wall hanging titled Letting Go - created by Stacey Taylor of Effortlessly Eclectic

Gifts of love inside a secret pouch at the back of the original art piece Letting Go

Letting Go - Original Mixed Media Wall Art created by Stacey Taylor of Effortlessly Eclectic

Letting Go with creator
Stacey Taylor

Letting Go - Gifts of love inside pocket of Letting Go - Original Mixed Media Art Wall Hanging created by Stacey Taylor of Effortlessly Eclectic

Gifts of love inside the secret pouch at the back of the original art piece Letting Go


Original art & handmade decor by Effortlessly Eclectic