The Secret to Living Life with Creative Passion

When inspiration strikes, seize the moment!

The Secret to Living Life with Creative Passion - When inspiration strikes seize the moment - Effortlessly Eclectic art & home decor blog

I’ve always got a ton of different projects scattered about my art studio that are in the works. Usually I enjoy working on whatever project is calling my name.

But sometimes I give myself a hard time that I can’t seem to make myself get them all finished already. I try to tell myself I need a plan. A schedule of some sort, to force myself get them done. But then I remember how absolutely crazy that is, & I ditch those thoughts knowing they were never mine to begin with. Just some random junk I picked up along the way. 

Forcing creativity, or anything in life for that matter, doesn’t work. You typically end up with stuff you just don't like, because no matter how hard you tried, there was no real passion behind the creation of it. Art made this way may as well be some mass produced thing made by an underpaid stressed out factory worker who feels no connection to what they're making & just wants to get it done & get the hell out of there, because that's basically the mode you're in when you try & force yourself to create. Do you really want to fill your home with things infused with that kind of energy? And do you really want to live your life that way? I sure don’t. We all deserve better than that. Whatever you do in life, do it with passion.

I love living life with passion! I love creating in those moments when I feel truly inspired to create, because it feels so very good, & that's when I get results I'm really happy with. And being surrounded by other passionately creative people and all of the incredible magic they create is so very inspiring!

I love going to the park to do yoga & finding a broken tree limb laying in the grass that for some strange reason I just can’t take my eyes off of, & racing home excited to pull out all my paints, yarn, fabric, beads, and transform it into a new piece of art.

I love seeing my photographer friend at the club become suddenly wide eyed & shaking in his seat with excitement at the sound of a favorite song being played by the band before jumping up & rushing towards the stage to capture the moment in a way no one else can.

These are the moments to dive right in & create! This is the magic of life!

Wonderfully magical experiences like these just can’t be forced. Trying to force them only blocks the energy that makes them happen in the first place.

So how do you encourage those truly incredible moments of creative passion to happen more often? Taking breaks to recharge, taking amazing care of yourself… body, mind, & spirit, ditching whatever dulls your shine, filling your creative soul with new inspiration... these things are of vital importance to living a passionately creative life. Getting back in to alignment again. Getting totally in the zone first, and then creating. That’s where the magic happens. And when inspiration strikes, seize the moment, because that’s when you create things you are totally excited about! Those things are forever infused with the energy they were created with, and people can feel it. You can feel it. And to me, that is what life is all about.

Thoughts? Ideas? Stories? I’d love to hear what you think, so feel free to share them in the comments below. 



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