The Surprising Power of Design to Make You Feel Happy


Wonderful creative inspiration for your own home decor!


The absolute best part of my weekend was stumbling upon this super fun art installation at Container Park in Las Vegas!

What is it?

“The Pixel Sticker Room”.

It's a pure white living room that everyone gets to decorate with round colorful stickers!

Bright colorful stickers on the walls, ceiling, floor, bookcase, sofa, chairs, lamps, piano, everywhere!

It made everyone I saw in there so happy!

People that had never met before became instant friends.

Everyone was decorating, playing music, laughing, taking pictures, and having fun together!

I sat there for quite a while watching how people’s emotions were instantly lifted the moment they walked into the space.

One by one, the joyful inner spirit of childhood came bursting out of people of all ages, & they were ready to play!

It was truly magical.

Photo: @lanybelle_

Photo: @lanybelle_


“This space definitely ups your spirit”


Photo: @maginnmarie

Photo: @maginnmarie


I kept thinking about Ingrid Fetell Lee & her wonderful TED Talk “Where Joy Hides and How to Find It”.

In it she mentions how round shapes & pops of bright colors are proven to create joy.

As a lover of color & design I’ve always known these things to be true for myself, but seeing the power it had over others to create instant happiness made it crystal clear the importance of bringing more of this magic into the world.

Color & design matter.

They have the ability to lift spirits and change lives!

To make people really happy.

And that is a beautiful thing.

A great big thank you to Container Park for this experience!

So tell me..… what place have you visited that lit up your spirit this way through design?


What’s one simple change you can make to your home decor this week to bring more happiness to your life?

Share in the comments, I’m so excited to hear!


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