6 Top Tips for Buying Art Online


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6 Top Tips for Buying Art Online - Effortlessly Eclectic Art & Home Decor Blog

When you’re shopping locally for new art for your home, you can be somewhat limited in your choices. And you don’t want to end up with the exact same art that all your neighbors have.

You want unique art you absolutely love!

Shopping online opens up a whole new world of options to you. But if you’ve never bought art online before, the process may feel a bit intimidating & overwhelming. So where do you start?

Follow these 6 top tips for buying art online to ditch your nervousness & confusion, and make your online art buying experience an easy & enjoyable one you’ll always treasure.


#1 Explore Available Art

How can you know what your favorite art is, if you don’t know what’s out there? Spend some time exploring a wide variety of available art online. You’ll find that there’s a big variety of mediums & personality in art to choose from. From playfully whimsical acrylic paintings, to soft soothing fiber art wall hangings, to colorful hand painted art pillows, and dramatic high contrast pop art, you’re sure to find a fun eclectic mix of all different types art online that you enjoy. Let go of any judgments of what art you think you “should” like & add to your home decor. Choosing the right art for your home is very personal. You will know when it feels right. Trust that feeling.

#2 Notice How Different Art Pieces Make You Feel

Art is emotion. Each one of us had different life experiences that shape how we currently see the world, including how we view different pieces of art. What you see, experience, & feel when you look at an art piece may be completely different than what someone else sees. Keep your focus on your own personal experience of the art, because you are the one that will be living with it in your home. What do you see, experience, imagine, feel when you look at the art? Is this feeling something you’d like more of? Something you’d like to invite into your home?

#3 Consider Where You’ll Place the Art in Your Home

When noticing how a specific piece of art makes you feel, consider which room or rooms in your home you would like to experience that feeling. Visualize living with the art in that room in your home. And please remember art doesn’t have to match the furniture or the other art in the room. Enjoy creating an eclectic mix of art that feels good to you. Art is like the jewelry of the room. It’s what draws your attention & it says something about your unique personality. It’s like a peek inside your mind that expresses something about you, how you see yourself, what you’re drawn to, & what you fantasize about. It makes you feel something every time you look at it. Does the art piece you’re considering give you a feeling that you’ll enjoy experiencing in that room in your home?

#4 Collect Original Art

Imagine the feeling of owning real one of a kind original art that no one else in the world has. It’s quite a special feeling. When you buy a piece of original art you are buying a piece of the artist’s soul. Many artists think of their art as if they were their own children. They want them to be loved and cared for by collectors who truly adore them.

Original art does come with a higher price than prints, but that’s because original art is so much more valuable & comes with so many more benefits to you. Would you rather look at a picture of the Grand Canyon, or go see & experience it in person? Would you rather stream Paul McCartney music online, or go see & hear him perform live right before your eyes? A print of an original art piece is just a photograph of the real thing. It’s not the actual real original art that the artist lovingly created with their own two hands and the passion in their soul. It’s just a flat picture of it. A representation of something so much more valuable. And in the throwaway society we live in today, low priced prints often just don’t have much meaning to the buyer. They’re so easy to buy on impulse, & therefore are often are quickly disposed of.

Owning truly unique art, an original art piece created by an artists own two hands, a special piece no one else in the world has, is an incredibly wonderful feeling! Enjoy decorating your home with real original art created by a real human being. Collect unique & special one of a kind original art that you absolutely love & will treasure for years to come.

#5 Consider Buying Directly From the Artist Whenever Possible

Artists pour their heart and soul into each piece they create. Galleries act as middlemen between artists & collectors. Did you know that galleries typically take 50% of the price of the art? That’s a big cut from the artist.

When you buy directly from the artist you are able to develop a deeper connection with both the art & the artist who created it. You can get to know a bit about the artist’s inspiration, process, and unique personality. The art then has so much more personal meaning to you. It’s no longer just a thing you bought. It’s now so much more personal. It has an interesting story that connects you deeply to the art. And it’s also a wonderful story to share with visitors to you home.

Thankfully now with the internet it’s so much easier for artists & collectors to connect & communicate online directly. By buying art online directly from your favorite artist you are able to create a truly incredible unique art collection in your home with real personal meaning to you.

#6 Ask The Artist Any Questions You Have About the Art

A great thing about buying art online directly from the artist is that you can talk to them about their art & address any questions or concerns you may have before purchasing their art for your home. And you get to hear the answers to your questions directly from the artist, not from a middleman who could never know as much about the art as the artist themselves knows. You can also keep in contact with the artist by joining their e-mail list to see new art they are making that you might enjoy adding to your home decor. You’re able to stay connected & enjoy a much deeper relationship this way.

Collecting art can be a truly meaningful creative act, and having an eclectic mix of unique art in your home that you absolutely love makes your whole life brighter. And now that you know these top tips for buying art online the process won’t be scary or intimidating anymore, it will actually be really fun! Get started collecting your own favorite art pieces now, to add a unique special touch to your home decor and brighten your life for years to come!



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