Brianna Dreamcatcher

Brianna Dreamcatcher


Soft & snowy white... but with enough depth & drama to keep things interesting, of course.
Named after my designer friend who adores all things black & white.


  • one of a kind original art

  • 14" wide x 59" long

  • metal ring wrapped in acrylic yarns

  • hand woven cotton cord web

  • acrylic yarn fringe and braids

  • silver, black, gunmetal, & navy beads

  • lovingly handmade by Stacey Taylor

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Brianna Dreamcatcher

When I look at the Brianna Dreamcatcher it takes me into a daydream of wandering about on a snowy day. The beautifully dramatic contrast between strong dark tree limbs and soft fluffy white snow, and the glistening shimmer of the sun reflecting off the icicles.

-Stacey Taylor