Colorful Woven Wall Hanging, Letting Go

Colorful Woven Wall Hanging, Letting Go


Letting Go is a one of a kind handmade colorful wall hanging that tells a beautiful visual story of positive transformation.

Let go of resistance. There is no need to fight the current. Simply enjoy the natural flow as you ride effortlessly downstream while watching the beautiful blossoming of your life.

Taoism & the Law of Attraction both talk a lot about being in this natural flow state. Letting Go is my artistic representation of this life lesson.

There is a secret pouch on the back of Letting Go that contains healing crystals & words of inspiration to help you along in your own journey of letting go of everything that is no longer serving you, so that you can enjoy living a life you truly love.


  • one of a kind original art

  • 17" wide x 43" long including branch and hanger

  • 11" x 34" at yarns

  • hand painted branch tied with acrylic, cotton & hemp yarns

  • hand sewn fabric flowers

  • silver metal beads

  • hand painted wood beads & laser cut disk

  • hand made pottery leaves

  • handmade tassels

  • handmade secret pouch with crystals & hand written words of inspiration

  • filled with incredible positive energy during its creation by artist Stacey Taylor

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