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The Eclectic Design Style

What it is & why you need it.


So you may have seen pictures before of rooms that were referred to as being eclectic, and you may have even had thoughts as to whether or not you like the eclectic style based on those pictures, but what exactly is eclectic?



1) selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles

2) composed of elements drawn from various sources

 - Merriam- Webster Dictionary


OK, so if eclectic is a variety of what appears to be the best elements from different sources, who gets to decide what is best?

You do! 

And that, my friend, is the beauty of the eclectic style.


  • No more feeling bound by the rules of any one individual style.

  • No more wasting all day taking online design quizzes desperately hoping for someone to tell you what your "signature design style" is.

  • No more buying everything in sets because you're afraid you don't know what goes together.

  • No more feeling boxed in & limited in your choices.

  • And definitely no more asking everyone else what you should buy. (They'll only tell you what they love.) 

Instead…..Freedom to choose what makes you happy.

Now you can joyfully shout from the mountaintop (or from the middle of the home decor department) "I AM FREE!"

Yes, you are now free to follow your bliss & do what you want. Because let's face it... when it really comes down to it, you know what you like & what you don't. And now you are free to pick a great big eclectic mix of whatever makes you smile. 


You can feel confident that you know your style, because you created it yourself! It evolves & changes gradually over time with you as you & your likes & interests change. It is an expression of what makes you happy right now


Love bold geometric patterns, your grandma's antique buffet, Grecian columns, & vintage 1970's rock band posters? Great!

Love modern farmhouse style, Moroccan lamps, Art Deco furniture, and your three year old's finger paintings? Fabulous!


But wait.... isn't all this mix of random things just crazy?

No, it most certainly is not.

So what is it then? It is interesting! Because YOU are interesting! You are SO much more interesting than any one single style could ever convey!

And what else is it? It is YOU. It is your outward self-expression of your joy. It is what makes you unique. It is what makes you happy.


And that, my dear creative spirit, is why you absolutely need the eclectic style


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