Decorating and The Law of Attraction - How the Things in Your Home Can Help Guide You Towards the Life You Desire

Decorating and The Law of Attraction - How the Things in Your Home Can Help Guide You Towards the Life You Desire

It was really bothering me. This statue in my bedroom was up until recently placed way up high, on top of a very tall cabinet, & each night when I would lay down to go to sleep I would see it looking down at me & I'd begin to feel very uncomfortable. But I didn't know why. 

One day a good friend came over & I mentioned this to her. She offered to take the statue from me. I instantly felt an intense rush of feeling come over me, & I knew without at doubt that no, I most definitely did not want to let it go. It was a graduation gift from my family & it's so beautiful! However it continued to bring me discomfort for some reason yet unknown to me, so I was left very bewildered.

I talk a lot about how personal our homes are to us. That although things in & of themselves do not have a meaning, they do often hold very strong personal meaning to us. They make us feel things, good or bad. And I've always recommended getting anything out of your home that's making you feel negative feelings. So this situation really had me perplexed.

I've recently been studying the law of attraction, & learning a lot more about using our emotions to guide us, & about our ability to change our perception of things to better serve us. We get to choose how we see things, & seeing things in new ways can often greatly increase our happiness. Such an exciting concept!

Then it hit me.....

This statue represents family. That's an area I'd been struggling with recently. I'm single & realizing more & more how much I want to find a man to love & to be my partner in life. And also how much I want children in my life, whether they be my own or those of relatives & friends. And how much I want to connect more with all of the family members that I do have.

This statue also feels very spiritual to me. That's another area I'd been struggling with for a great while, due to some negative views on it I'd received from others that were just not working for me. I'd been enjoying connecting more & more to nature, but there were still great struggles for me with spirituality as a whole. 

This statue, looking down on me from high above, was making me feel as if the family & spirituality it represented to me were so high above where I was that they were out of my reach. Like it was all looking down on me making me feel very low & very small.

So I moved it. I took it down off the tall cabinet & placed it on a low table. When I lay in bed, it was now at my level. And instantly my perception of it, my feelings about it, & my feelings about what I could achieve in my own life, were all transformed into something new & beautiful. I became aware of how accessible all these things I had wanted so desperately actually are to me. They were never out of my reach,...I only needed to open up & let them in. My feelings turned to appreciation & excitement of the future!

Since then I've been feeling open & excited about finding a partner in life. I've reconnected with family that I had all but lost touch with. I've spent more time around children that I love. And I've found new spiritual teachings that have brought me the most amazing feelings of hope, faith, joy, & gratitude. Just as the Law of Attraction promises, by changing my thoughts & feelings from being down about what I didn't have, to instead being open to & excited about both what I do have & also what I want to create for myself, things have already begun to change & my world is a much brighter place.

Did the statue itself somehow magically do all this for me? Well no, of course not. But I used the statue & how it made me feel as a tool to help me get in touch with what it was I was wanting in life. And by moving it to a location that I felt symbolically helped support me in getting what I want, it helped to change my thoughts so that I became focused on the positive & on being open to receiving what I desire. And now I feel peace, joy, & excitement about the future every time I look at it! And that is why decorating your own home is something that is so very personal.

This statue is now one of my greatest treasures. For now I will keep it on the low table as it's making me very happy there. But who knows,...I may decide to move it back up high where it can lovingly watch over me. All that matters is that now it makes me happy. That my home makes me happy. That I am happy.

I wish you the same happiness in your home & in your life.

Get Happy by Engaging in Creative Play

Get Happy by Engaging in Creative Play

In a world filled with countless messages that faster is better, sometimes we need a reminder to slow down. To be gentle & patient with ourselves.

Creativity can teach us this life lesson,...if we let it.

But too often we find ourselves running around all day trying to get things done. Rushing to work, rushing to meet deadlines, & rushing home to beat the traffic. Then the weekend comes, & we spend it seeking out the fastest gadgets because we are told they will make our lives easier. Yet we find ourselves rushing & unable to relax even more with each & every distraction they create in our lives. All of this go, go, go takes a serious tole on our bodies over time.  It's so important for us to slow down. Our body, mind, & spirit deserve it. They are crying out for it.

Creativity can help.

Think you don't have the time? Well the more you think you don't have time to take time out for yourself,... to sit down & relax and do something that takes care of your body, mind, & spirit,....the more you need to do just that. 

So turn off all distractions, grab your colored pencils, light some incense, & get in the creative zone. 

The creative zone. It's that magical place where time seems to stop as you & your creative spirit indulge together in the healing power of playing with beautiful colors that fill your heart with joy!

Does your creative spirit want a blue flower with pink leaves? Or a pink & orange sky filled with stars? Beautiful! Trust your creative spirit. Let it have its way & it will show you the most beautiful things you've never seen before, or even imagined in your wildest dreams. 

When the time comes & you're ready to enter back into the world you once came from, you will view it in a new light. Emerging from the creative zone you will find yourself feeling refreshed and renewed, with a greater sense of calm, clarity, peace, & happiness. And isn't that a much better way to go about your day?

Make a promise to yourself to take time out for creative play. You do deserve it. And your body, mind & spirit will thank you.

So I'm curious, have you experienced the joy of connecting with your creative spirit recently? How does getting in the creative zone feel to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Express yourself in the comments below.

Color Your Home Bohemian by Stacey Taylor of Effortlessly Eclectic - Stacey coloring Indian feathers art

Ready to do some coloring of your own? 

Choose your favorite art styles in my Color Your Home books HERE.

Then get excited to create as you stroll through the pages of beautifully hand drawn art you'll soon be coloring. You'll get to see it all when you watch the "Look Inside" videos showing you all the art inside.






How To Create a Design Mood for Each Room In Your Home

How To Create a Design Mood For Each Room in Your Home

One of the very first steps in designing any room in your home is to decide how you want to feel in that room. Do you want to feel relaxed, calm, & cozy? Or energized, motivated and excited? Or maybe exotic & sexy?

Next explore what colors, patterns, textures, items, make you feel that way. Feeling exotic & sexy may lead one person to think of red silk, sleek black furniture, tribal design details, and lots of shiny metals & crystal accents. Those are things that give them that feeling. While to another person it may mean purple velvet, silk sari patchworks, Moroccan lanterns, & lots of candles, because those are the things that make them feel exotic and sexy.

There is no right or wrong here, so rather than asking other people for their advice about how you should decorate your home (which will only tell you what THEY like) trust yourself and have fun expressing yourself your way! Get in touch with what YOU like & how things make YOU feel.

What you choose to express & the way you choose to express it are what make you unique!

How do the different rooms in your home make you feel? How are you expressing yourself in your home? Tell me in the comments. I'd love to hear!



Create a Home Filled With Happy Memories

Create A Home Filled With Happy Memories

I remember being sprawled out on the floor with my dad amidst a pile of crayons & paper as we created art together sitting in front of this orange cabinet when I was a child. He was drawing a picture of my little fur sister. I was extremely impressed with his creative abilities. 

I remember the feeling of excitement I felt on Christmas morning at first seeing my new big bright yellow bean bag chair, and my new red bike with the streamers hanging from the handlebars. Santa was always so good to me. Yes, there they were, right there between the Christmas tree and the orange cabinet. 

This cabinet brings back so many wonderful childhood memories, making it a piece I'll always treasure.

The vibrant orange color & swirling spirals are absolutely beautiful to me. They feel like pure joy!

Decorating your home is not about chasing after the latest trends that everyone around you seems to be trying to convince you that you absolutely must have in your home.

It's about creating your own little world filled with the things that make your heart sing.

What special pieces do you have in your home that touch your heart? Tell me in the comments below. I'd love to hear.



How To Create a Home That's Full of Life and Fun Personality

How To Create a Home That's Full of Life and Fun Personality

Want your home to feel fun and full of life? Here are 3 things to add to it to create that feeling….

Living Plants

Lush gorgeous plants add so much life to a home, because they are literally alive! Connect with them, truly enjoy your living leaf friends, and give them your loving care. Be sure the plants in your home are healthy & thriving. A sickly or shriveled up plant is not the energy you’re looking for here. You want the plants in your home to be lush & vibrant, as this is clearly a much better energy to surround yourself with. Pothos & spider plants are two of my easy to care for favorites.

People and Animals

Having people and animals in your home most definitely adds a lot of life to it. But what does that have to do with your décor? Well, adding art & accessories that represent people, animals, or even whimsical fantasy characters, will add life to your home as well! Just be sure to focus on finding pieces that represent these characters in positive uplifting moods, as their energy will most certainly affect yours.

Fun Quirky Pieces

Design, and life in general, doesn’t have to be so serious. Add some fun playful personality to your home environment with a few quirky pieces of art & décor. When you’re out & about and you spot a piece that makes you giggle & smile from ear to ear, that’s definitely something to consider bringing home with you.  

While you may not always be readily aware of it, your environment has a strong affect on you. Give yourself some loving care by creating a home for yourself that is full of life and fun! Your spirit will thank you. 

What do you have in your home that brings life & fun personality to it? What are you now thinking of adding to it? Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to hear.





Andy Warhol on Creativity

Andy Warhol on Creativity

I adore this quote from artist Andy Warhol, because the underlying message is all about letting go, experimenting, playing, and enjoying the experience. And that is a wonderful life lesson for us all!

Whether you're painting a picture of a field of irises, writing a story about your childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut, decorating your living room fireplace mantle, composing a song about your true love, or putting together an edgy cool new outfit,...your creative time is your time to enjoy expressing what makes you happy.

There is no such thing as perfection. It is nothing but a monstrous unattainable myth we can all gain great joy in freeing ourselves from. No matter what any of us do, some people will like it and some won't, so you can see that it really makes no sense at all to waste your days worrying about the opinions of others, right?

Self expression is, of course, all about playing around with ideas to express what YOU want to express.

When you let go of trying to be perfect and worrying about what others think, and instead embrace creative play and experimentation, stay true to your own thoughts and opinions, and dive in and fully enjoy the present moment, life is oh so much sweeter!

What are some ways that you enjoy creatively expressing yourself? Tell me in the comments. I'd love to hear. 



Creating With Hot Glass - An Experience I'll Always Treasure

Creating With Hot Glass - An Experience I'll Always Treasure

One of the most exciting days of my life was when I went to a blown glass studio and was invited to help make this blue glass flower.

I've always adored colored glass, because I love luscious color, and glass just seems to show off beautiful colors in a way not other material can. And the fluidity of it fascinates me to no end!

Being able to heat the glass so hot that you can drip and bend and shape it into beautiful forms. Letting it slowly cool to hold its last pose for all of time.

The biggest challenge for me in creating with hot glass was remembering that I was working with a molten material and needed to be very careful to keep my body safe. I was absolutely mesmerized by its fluidity!

The blown glass studio I visited is long since gone, but the memories of the experience will stay with me forever. And I hope to experience this wonderous art form again one day, as it truly has my heart.

Have you had the experience of seeing blown glass art created? Or experienced creating with it first hand?  Tell me in the comments. I'd love to hear your stories.



Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

It's Holiday Shopping Time! 

When you're shopping for holiday gifts, you're hoping to find something different.  Something special.  And it would be really great if you didn't have to deal with the big crowds at the mall & all that holiday time traffic just to get there in the first place, right?  

That's why Effortlessly Eclectic has joined together with an amazing group of creative small businesses to bring you this super awesome holiday gift guide!  

So grab yourself a cup of hot coco & have fun shopping in your p.j.'s from the comfort of your very own warm & cozy home for unique gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list!



creative Christmas gift ideas - coloring books - Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Coloring is so much fun! The gift of getting back in touch with their creative spirit is a gift your friends & family will never forget.  These coloring books make great gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list! 


Effortlessly Eclectic

Inspiring people to unleash their creative spirit & have fun expressing themselves is Stacey Taylor's true passion.  She creates books that combine adult coloring with interior design. The books are filled with hand drawn art to color;  plus info on matting, framing & displaying your finished art pieces in your home.  

"Having something in your home that you yourself created, something that no one else in the world has, that's an amazing feeling!" - Stacey Taylor

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Megan's Mallows characters have so much personality!  Mallows coloring books are fun for both kids and adults!

Megan Dresback is a kid at heart, a self-taught artist, a mom and a Las Vegas native. Influenced by cartoon artist Bill Waterson and puppetry genius Jim Henson, she has sought to capture that same charm and imagination through Mallows.  She's published two coloring books and been deemed "Craft Queen" in her frequent segment on the Fox5 MORE show. 

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creative Christmas gift ideas - jewelry - holiday gift guide 2016

These aren't your run of the mill, same old cookie cutter necklaces & earrings.  Oh no....these artists make some seriously cool statement pieces!  True works of wearable art that will make the recipients of these treasures feel like they have super powers when they wear them!



Desert Daisy Jewelry 

"Beauty to me does not lay in perfection, which means the stones I naturally end up with are selected for character and depth. I find myself inspired by the unique energy of each stone, and sometimes when inspiration lags, a good old fashioned desert hike is all I need to get back into design." - Emma Roberts

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Caitlin's Crystals

"Fashion meets healing crystals with my jewelry. I mostly wire wrap my
pieces, but some of them are made with industrial strength glue to keep the
stones intact as well." - Caitlin Speer

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The Odd Portrait

Ariana Deats the owner and designer of The Odd Portrait started her art and fashion designs from her very beginning from the time she could hold a crayon. Her mother was not a believer in giving a child many toys so her imagination was her greatest tool, creating doll houses from card board boxes to drawing and cutting out her own paper dolls. 

Having taken only a splattering of art classes and some fashion courses in high school and a few others she is mainly self-taught. It has and will always be design or die,

"I lose myself and find myself on daily basis.
Without inspiration without something to create only vast emptiness exists.

It's more than art it's more than designs it's a means of survival."- The Odd Portrait November 2015

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Knight Rowen Designs

It's a Family Affair, this mother and her two daughters are "Krazy Krafters". Everything from Crocheted Hats and Baby Accessories to Belly Dance Costumes, Wire Work Wall Art and Jewelry. Custom Orders are always welcome.

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Touch of Glaz

Each fused glass piece is crafted by Artisan, Paul Baker. Paul retired from his career as Superintendent of Schools to pursue his dream of being an Artist. Inspirational and unique, each piece is a testament of the human spirit.

Touch of Glaz is located in Las Vegas, NV.

Jewelry can be purchased directly through the online shop on the Touch of Glaz facebook page. 





creative Christmas gift ideas - Holiday Gift Guide 2016 - hats & accessories

Beautiful hair flowers, plus warm & cozy knitted hats & headbands, to keep your friends & family toasty warm & looking fabulous!


Knight Rowen Designs

It's a Family Affair, this mother and her two daughters are "Krazy Krafters". Everything from Crocheted Hats and Baby Accessories to Belly Dance Costumes, Wire Work Wall Art and Jewelry. Custom Orders are always welcome.

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Super Natural Flowers

As a short-haired Tribal belly dancer, I was having trouble finding flowers that would stay in my hair while dancing. So I decided to make them! These flower hair clips are very sturdy and will stay in your hair through spins, dips, flips and laybacks.  Not a dancer?  No worries!  A cute flower clip dresses up any hair style.

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creative Christmas gift ideas - holiday gift guide 2016 creative activities

Give the gift of a fun new creative experience! From pottery to pole fitness, there's something fun for everyone on your list.



Shine Alternative Fitness

The Art of Fitness. Classes in anti-gravity yoga, pole fitness, hand stands, aerial silks, ballet, aerial hoop, and more.

Named " One of the Coolest Fitness Clubs in Las Vegas" by Shape Magazine, Shine Alternative Fitness delivers dynamic group fitness classes focusing on the natural abilities of the human body for all ages and skill levels.

Gift certificates are available.

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Clay Arts Vegas

Clay Arts Vegas is a locally owned and operated pottery studio, clay distributor and gallery in the Las Vegas Arts District.

They are open seven days a week with regularly scheduled classes in wheel throwing & hand building, and they host a raku day & potluck on the second Saturday of each month. 

Gift certificates are available.

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creative Christmas gift ideas - art - holiday gift guide 2016

Art makes homes happy!  Help your friends & family jazz up their space with a really great piece of art this holiday season, & they'll feel joyous & grateful to you every time they look at it!  

Each of these artists offer a wide variety of art options, so you're sure to find fabulous gifts that fit your holiday shopping budget. 



Kathy Morton Stanion Art

Kathy Morton-Stanion has an extensive background in graphic and fine art.  Moving out west after receiving her degree from the Art Institute Of Pittsburgh, she held many positions as a designer as well as art director for many design firms over the last 35 yearsRecently she relocated back to her hometown in Ohio to focus on her fine art career. Kathy’s work is collected and included in corporate and private collections around the world.

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Jon Salvador Gascon Art

"My art is abstract, where images can be whimsical, thought provoking, striking and sometimes shocking. I try to convey the complexities, the emotions, and intricacies of the human condition. Each piece is a feast for the eyes, the mind and the soul...."  Jon Salvador Gascon

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The Passion of Color - MaryAnn Ferguson

"I grew up in Hawaii where vivid colors were a natural part of my life. Each bright color kindles inside of me a special kind of joy and excitement for living. Orange reminds me of picking guavas with my best friend early in the morning, blue recalls the bliss of bodysurfing at Makapuu Beach, yellow is the hot Hawaiian sun warming me, and so on." - MaryAnn Ferguson

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Megan Dresback is a kid at heart, a self-taught artist, a mom and a Las Vegas native. Influenced by cartoon artist Bill Waterson and puppetry genius Jim Henson, she has sought to capture that same charm and imagination through Mallows. 

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Mandy Joy Art

While always enjoying art as a hobby, Mandy Joy opened a part time art business in 2013, was full time 6 months later, began showing in galleries in 2015 and opened her own gallery with a fellow artist in 2016: Obsidian Fine Art inside The Arts Factory in Las Vegas, at the center of the First Friday Art Walk.

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Effortlessly Eclectic

Vibrantly colored & often inspired by nature & spirituality, Stacey Taylor's art is created with the purpose of adding feelings of peace & joy to the homes they adorn.  She creates a wide variety of art from paintings, to fiber art, to pottery, & she enjoys using colors, textures, & forms to express positive feelings. 

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"Lineweight enthusiast, watercolor admirer, color block supporter and travel buff. It made sense to combine my loves to create something beautiful." - Heeroh

Custom handmade maps & prints. We all have a connection with a city. What's yours?

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Clay Arts Vegas

Clay Arts Vegas is a locally owned and operated pottery studio, clay distributor and gallery in the Las Vegas Arts District.

In the Victor F. Keen Gallery inside Clay Arts Vegas, you can expect to see ceramic work by visiting artists, resident artist's work, and adjudicated shows, changing regularly in conjunction with Preview Thursday and First Friday Las Vegas. The gallery is open daily, offering a wide spectrum of work at a variety of price points.  All one of a kind hand crafted work, from cups to sculpture. 

Online shopping is available. 

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Touch of Glaz

Each fused glass piece is crafted by Artisan, Paul Baker. Paul retired from his career as Superintendent of Schools to pursue his dream of being an Artist. Inspirational and unique, each piece is a testament of the human spirit.

Touch of Glaz is located in Las Vegas, NV.

To purchase fused glass yard art pieces, contact Paul on the Touch of Glaz facebook page. 


creative Christmas gift ideas - holiday gift guide 2016 fun & effortless shopping from creative small businesses

You picked out really awesome gifts that they're going to absolutely love!  

So make some yummy gingerbread cookies, have fun ice skating, and take a leisurely drive to look at the holiday lights,....because now that your holiday shopping is complete, you can focus on having lots of fun spending time with your family & friends!  After all, that's really what the holidays are all about, right?

Happy Holidays! 








Soft Pastels Tutorial - Creating Color Fade Backgrounds


I've had several people ask me about how I create these color fade backgrounds when I share pages I've colored in my coloring book, so I thought I'd do a quick little video to show you. I use soft pastels, which are kind of like a chalk, and spread the color with my fingertips. Take a look at the video & you'll see what I mean.

I love how quick & easy you can create a beautiful background for your artwork with this method. 

Have you ever used soft pastels before? If not, I recommend playing with them on a piece of scrap paper first, so you can get the feel of them. Give it a go, & tell me what you think. 

Happy Coloring!



3 Steps to a Happy Home

3 Steps To A Happy Home

Creating a home that makes you feel good, is an important part of self care. Your home is there to support you, and to help you get what you want out of life. But answer honestly, your home making you happy, or driving you crazy?

When you are surrounded by clutter, it can stress you out big time. You can't find things when you need them. And you have all this stuff you don't know what the heck to do with. Being surrounded by all that extra stuff, can make you feel like the walls are closing in on you, & you can't breath.

So what do most of us do when we feel like that? We head out to pick up extra storage containers! Bins, boxes, drawers, carts, shelves. That will fix everything, right? 

But stop! Put your keys down, sit down, & take a deep breath. I promise you there is a better way. And here it is. The key is following the 3 steps to creating a happy home, AND,....doing them in the proper order. 

Step 1 Declutter

How do you know what you need to store, & what types of containers to get, if you don't even know what you want to keep? The short answer, don't. Right now, you need to start by focusing on getting rid of anything and everything in your home that isn't making you happy. The things you keep in your home should be making your life better, or else what are they doing there? Only keep things that bring you joy, or that make your life easier. Everything else can go. 

Step 2 Organize

OK, now that you only have the things you truly want, you can start by putting them in their appropriate place. Keep all like items together, and in the place that makes the most sense. You don't want to be running around looking for things, so categorize each item by how you use it. All laundry items together, all clothing items together, all craft items together, all sports items together, and so on. Sure, this one sounds like common sense, but if you've been living with too much stuff, you'll often find that you've gotten desperate to find a place to stash things, which can lead to like items being scattered about. Now's the time to get them all grouped together properly. You may find that since you've gotten rid of all the unnecessary stuff, that you don't even need any new storage containers now. But if you do, now is the time to get them so everything can be put away in it's proper place.

Step 3 Decorate

The creative fun begins! It's time to add your own personality to your home. Paint your walls in fun colors, hang artwork that you enjoy looking at, & accessorize with things that make you happy. Turn your home into a space that really feels like you. This is definitely not the time to go asking everyone else their opinion on what's right for your home. You'll just end up confused, because every time you ask a new person you'll get a different opinion. The reason being, they are talking about what THEY like . But what you are looking for here, is what YOU like. So trust your instincts. You know what you like. And your home is the one place you can totally express your unique self, so be sure to take full advantage of it. Make it an eclectic mix of things you absolutely love.

Congratulations! That's it! The 3 steps to creating a happy home.

Give it a try & tell me in the comments how it goes. Got some friends you think would enjoy this information? Then spread the love by sharing this post with them so they can create their happy home too!

And be sure to sign up for e-mail updates to be the first to hear about my upcoming de-cluttering course. I'm creating it just for you, so you can finally break free from the burden of clutter, and enjoy the wonderful feeling of living with only those things that make you happy & make your life better. 

Here's to your happy home! 


How To De-clutter Your Books

How To Declutter Your Books

De-cluttering is so very important for creating a home that makes you feel good. Being surrounded by clutter brings you down. But being surrounded only by things that you actually use and love, feels truly amazing. 

My recent de-cluttering task was going through my books. Books can be a tough one. They are, for some odd reason, something that is often considered completely normal to keep but not use. But the reality is that this makes them very likely to be a clutter problem.

Take a look at each one of your books. Ask yourself, and answer honestly, do you find this book to be a valuable tool that you reference regularly? With the endless amount of exciting new things you could choose to experience in your lifetime, are you actually going to dedicate hours of your precious time to reading it again? Does it have an extremely special meaning to you and make you light up whenever you see it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is clearly valuable to you, and by all means keep it and enjoy it. But if the answer is no, then it's not important enough to you to have a space in your home dedicated to keeping it. End the cycle of stashing it away to be ignored, & instead donate it to a library or thrift store, and give someone else who might thoroughly enjoy it a chance to read it. 

The goal is to be able to step back & view the books you are keeping & be excited about every single one of them. After all, if they aren't making your life better, why would you want them in your home? 

So tell me,...what specific thoughts and feelings come up for you when you go through your books? How many of them are you tempted to put back on the shelf because you are nervous to part with them, even through you know you'll probably never read them again? How many did you let go of, because you're ready to make your home a more stress free, happy place? Share your experience in the comments below.

A new de-cluttering course is in the works for you, so that you can experience the incredible feeling of living in a home filled with only the things you actually use and truly love. Be sure to subscribe to be notified when the course is available. 

Happy de-cluttering!



Decorating With Houseplants - 5 Reasons to Add Plants To Your Home


Plants add so much beauty and life to a home. No matter what personal decorating style you create for yourself, they really are a perfect addition to every home, and here’s why…



I love color! Being surrounded by lots of fun colors just makes me happy. Whether you share my love of color or you prefer it in smaller bits, plants are always an excellent way to add a splash of color to your home. Start by filling your home with gorgeous greenery. Sprinkle in a few colorful flowers, too. Orchids are a favorite of mine.



Relatively speaking, plants are a pretty inexpensive way to add lots of personality to your home. If you currently don’t have much in the way of décor, or if you just want to add an extra bit of style, plants are a super easy way to liven up your space for not a lot of money.

Be sure to mix up the sizes to keep things interesting. If all of your plants are tiny, it really isn’t going to do much for you. Mix in a couple of larger plants to add real impact. Palms, Ferns, Spider Plants, & Fiddle Leaf Figs are favorites of mine for making a big statement.



Plants are very sculptural. Walls, furniture, & even accessories are often made up of lots of hard lines & right angles. Plants help to add variety and create balance by adding a bit of softness & interest with their organic shapes. Add a large floor plant next to a big solid piece of furniture to soften the edges. 


Connection to Nature

I’m a big believer in spending lots of time in nature. Getting outside, breathing in the fresh air, walking in the grass, feeling the wind and the sunshine on your skin, … there’s really nothing better. Bring a bit of nature inside your home by adding plants to your space, and keep those good vibes flowing.



Plants are not only beautiful, they can also clean the air and help keep you healthy. Gorgeous plants such as the Boston Fern & the Peace Lily are both known for their air cleaning abilities as well as their beauty.


What plants do you currently have in your home? What new plants are you thinking of adding? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



Introducing Effortlessly Eclectic


Hi Everyone! I'm so very excited to announce the opening of my new creative venture Effortlessly Eclectic!

As many of you know, I am a passionate creative working in the field of Interior Design.  I've had really wonderful experiences collaborating with other talented designers in the hospitality design industry to create gorgeous hotel rooms, cocktail lounges, and private villas, and have also greatly enjoyed working one on one with people as a home stylist through retail outlets.

But I had these two other burning passions that I just had to explore further.

The first passion of mine,... I have always absolutely loved creating handmade art and decor for my own home, & to give as gifts to loved ones.  Refinishing found objects in creative ways, making art & decor in any medium I can get my hands on,  and then looking around me & seeing all these things that I created that are totally one of a kind.  It's just so much fun!

The second passion, I love expressing myself in my home, & helping others to do the same.  I believe we are all such very unique & exciting creatures, and that we deserve so much more than to come home to a bland boring home.  Our homes are the one place where we can go hog wild & totally express ourselves, and no one can tell us we can't!  I see so many people stuck in this fear and worry as they wonder what the "right" paint color is, which is the "right" sofa they should get.  Yes, there are a few design rules that are good to stick to & those I'm happy to share with you. But the big questions I see so many people missing that I want them to ask themselves and take a little time to think about is "What's right for me? What makes me happy?"  Our homes can be our own amazing little world where we are surrounded by the colors, patterns, textures, and imagery that express who we are and what makes us feel great. Coming home to a place that is truly all you feels totally incredible. And that's a feeling I really want more people to experience.

So I invite you to join me in a journey in to greater creativity and self expression in your home and life.  I've created a little online shop filled with all kinds of fun art and decor that I made by hand to share with you. And please join me here on my blog, as well as all over social media, because I'll be sharing all kinds of tips on how to style your home your way, and even giving you a little sneak peak into my art studio to see what I'm creating now.

A great big thank you hug to all of you who have been so supportive of me in following my dreams & creating Effortlessly Eclectic! Much love to you all!