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Create a home & life you love. - Effortlessly Eclectic
Create a home you truly love
Create a home & life you love - Effortlessly Eclectic


Hello, creative spirit!

I'm here to help you create a unique, fun & colorful home that you will truly love.

One that lights you up & fills your life with joy.

Welcome to my creative world!


Add some good vibes to your home with the handmade art & decor I created just for you.

Express what makes you happy in your own eclectic home with tips & tricks I'll share to help you along the way.

Enjoy creating your own art for your home. My Color Your Home books make it fun & easy.

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Shop Handmade Art & Home Decor


Unleash your creative spirit.

Express the real you.

Love Home Decorating - Effortlessly Eclectic

Experience the joy of coming home to a place you truly love.


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Enjoy Making Your Own Custom Art for Your Home with
Color Your Home Books




Learn About the Eclectic Style

What it is & why you need it.



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Unleash your creative spirit - Effortlessly Eclectic