Stacey Taylor - Artist & Home Stylist - Creator of Effortlessly Eclectic



Artist, Home Styling Guide, Passionate Creative Spirit

Welcome! I’m Stacey, the creator of Effortlessly Eclectic.

I believe we are all creative spirits, & that creative self expression is one of our greatest freedoms; one that has the power to bring us an abundance of happiness.

I’m spellbound by the magical way that art, design, color, texture, scents, & sounds can make us feel things. How our five senses have the power to evoke emotions, memories of the past, & dreams of the future. And I’m passionate about deepening the connection to our sixth sense, our intuition, as it guides us on our path to greater happiness.

The pieces I’ve created for you are inspired by my many obsessions. Nature, spirituality, personal growth, astrology, outer space, science fiction, fantasy, and the bizarre & whimsical all dance through my mind & influence my creative spirit. I use colors, textures, shapes, & a multitude of mediums to express my passions, experiences, & emotions. And I love using my alchemist powers to transform found treasures into something new & exciting. Creativity is my passion, & I create art to bring more color, beauty & happiness into your world.

As your home styling guide, my mission is to inspire you to connect with your own intuition in order to get in touch with all that makes you truly happy, to encourage you to grant yourself permission to chase after your joys, & to empower you to unleash your creative spirit as you fully express your joys in your own beautifully eclectic home.