Unique Art & Décor to Delight Your Wildly Creative Spirit

Effortlessly Eclectic - Unique Art & Decor to Delight Your Wildly Creative Spirit


Because we have a primal burning desire to embrace
uniqueness, authenticity, joy, playfulness, adventure,
freedom, passion, creative self expression,
self love & self care.

Because we don't follow the crowd.
We follow our own intuition & chase after all that excites our spirit!

Much of the world remains safely tucked away inside their beige boxes, but not you, my wild one! Your spirit is awakened by vibrant colors, lush textures, and intriguing curiosities that delight your senses & summon a multitude of pleasurable emotions!

Commonplace decor will never do for your home. It’s ever so much more exciting to feel the allure of things unique & special. You crave surroundings that set your soul on fire!

Fascinating treasures with which to outwardly express your beautiful soul are in abundance for you here. One of a kind creations you won’t find anywhere else. A truly eclectic mix of colorful, whimsical, dreamy, mystical, bold, daring, edgy, & exotic adornments, all of with which to express the many colorful sides of your beautifully unique personality in your home.

Wishing for a little loving guidance along your home styling journey? Your wish has been granted. Like a lighted pathway gently leading you along your way, the styling inspiration & guidance available to you here will empower you to transform your home into your own beautiful world. A truly wondrous place that provides you with comfort, inspiration, & delight! A beautiful place that tells the unique story of who you are and all that makes you happy.