7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Interesting, Creative, Beautiful, and Authentically You

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With Artist & Home Stylist

Stacey Taylor - Artist & Home Stylist - Effortlessly Eclectic

Welcome, creative spirit!

You want a home that's different from all the rest. A truly unique space created just for you. Your own little world filled with everything that makes you smile.

So here they are....the seven easy ways to make your home more interesting, creative, beautiful, & authentically you!


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#1 Get In Touch With Your Intuition

O.K., So you're feeling a bit unsure of where to start in decorating your home, so you've basically been taking a great big survey & gathering advice from your friends, neighbors, people in online chat forums, & the woman at the home decor store or anyone else who will offer up their opinion on what you should do with your home, because it just all feels so incredibly overwhelming. And now you've got 100 different opinions & you don't know which ones are the right ones, so you're spinning in circles like a dog chasing its tail & feeling so completely dizzy from it all that you're about to go splat! 

Hmmm...maybe if you just ask one more person... that new neighbor down the street seems to have really great tastes...

But wait! Take a deep breath, grab yourself a cup of tea, sit down in your comfiest chair, & let's think about this for a minute. What level of skills do these people have when it comes to giving you advice on your home? And EVER so much more importantly, what do they know about YOU? 

Think about it,...you're not trying to decorate some random space for the general public. This is your home we're talking about here! Your home is the one place you can completely express yourself. You get to fill it will the colors, patterns, textures, & imagery that express who YOU are, & all that YOU love. You get to create YOUR OWN LITTLE WORLD. A place that comforts you, inspires you, & lights up your spirit! A place that tells the UNIQUE STORY OF YOU. Now seriously,... are you really going to hand over all that power to the woman at the store who's worrying about trying to meet her sales quota for the month? I didn't think so.


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#2 Buy the Art You Are Absolutely Obsessed With

Art doesn't have to match the sofa. Seriously, it doesn't. That's not what art is about at all. To search for art for your home from that point of view is to miss the whole point of art to begin with. 


So what is the right art for your home?

The right art for your home is something that summons forth a pleasurable emotion from deep inside of you to come rising up to the surface & light up your spirit like the sun lights up the earth!

It's something that when you see it you just can't seem to look away, because it makes you feel so inspired, delighted, playful, joyous, sexy, peaceful, spiritual, or dreamy... or maybe even something you can't even begin to describe!

Maybe when you look at it, it makes you laugh with joy! Or maybe it soothes you like a soft cozy blanket. Or maybe it enlivens your spirit so much it makes you feel like dancing! Whatever it is, it definitely makes you feel something. And that feeling feels oh so good!

When you come across treasures like that, that's when you know you've found the right art for you and your home.


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#3 Time Travel

When you think back to your most favorite memories of childhood, the times when you felt the most loved & cared for, the times when you had the most fun, the times when you felt safe & protected, & the times when you felt the most connected to loved ones, what do you remember? Experience these memories as they connect with your five senses. Stepping back in time, what do you see, smell, taste, touch, & hear?

By incorporating some of these memories into your home, you can keep those good feelings flowing.

Maybe it's the rag rug you used to sit on as a child at your grandparents house while you played with your dad's childhood toys. Adding an updated modern version of a rag rug to your home is a fun way to keep those joyful memories close to your heart.

Or maybe it was sitting at the kitchen table as a child, connecting through creativity with your mom as you learned to make new macrame knots to create your next masterpiece together. Adding a hanging macrame planter in front of a sunny window can bring back those joyful feelings every time you look at it.

Adding pieces to your home that have special meaning to you because they emotionally connect you to your happiest childhood memories is a wonderful way to create a home that makes you feel safe, loved, cared for, comforted, & happy.


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#4 Bring the Outside In

Nature has the power to enliven our spirit, to provide fresh clean air for us to breathe, to soothe us with it's beauty, to connect us to something greater than ourselves, & even to bring out our wild animalistic side!

By including plants in your home decor, you are literally adding life to your home!

Plants have this stunning artistic sculptural quality that adds an interesting contrast to the many hard straight lines of the pieces in our homes. 

Imagine you're sitting in your den, warm golden sunlight is streaming through your windows, and a towering fiddle leaf fig is watching over you like gentle loving spirit while you nestle into your favorite chair with a soft faux fur blanket & a book on manifesting your wildest dreams.

Envision your home enlivened with the beautiful firework like bursts of large spider plants suspended from the ceiling, with their tendrils stretching out to greet you as you pass by.

And just think of the lively entertaining visual stories you can tell with quirky little air plants sitting in curious little handmade pottery pieces atop a stack of your favorite art books. 

The power of plants is truly magical. Connect with them, care for them, take in deep healing breaths as you receive the clean air they lovingly give you, and sit back in wonder at the mesmerizing beauty they add to your home.


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#5 Get Inspired

Have you ever created a vision board? They are an incredibly powerful tool to help you create laser focus as you visualize exactly what it is you desire so that you can manifest your wildest dreams.

So rather than just creating something on a sheet of poster board and tacking it to your wall as most others do... why not treat your entire home as one magnificent vision board!

Just think of how much that will magnify your manifesting powers!

So you say you've always dreamt of traveling to Cambodia to explore the mysterious beauty of Angkor Wat? A large handsomely framed image of the stunning temple hanging above your credenza, with a tremendous ornate brass vase on top in which to collect the spare change that will eventually become your plane ticket to paradise, will certainly do wonders for providing you with inspiration, motivation, & excitement!

Or maybe you want a daily reminder to always trust your intuition & chase after your wildest dreams, whatever they may be as you grow and change throughout your life's journey. A big beautiful dreamcatcher adorning your wall is a sublime way to help you remain in alignment & inspired to create magic!


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#6 Summon Your Inner Artist

Pablo Picasso said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." As children we know without a shadow of a doubt that we are indeed creative spirits. We know that engaging in creative play is pure joy! And we'd never let anyone get away with trying to tell us to deny ourselves that pleasure. But sometimes along the way to growing up & becoming adults some of us loose sight of this. We become too conditioned to do what others expect of us. And that's just no fun at all!

Your creative spirit is always there. It is inside of you at all times. And it's just waiting for you to invite it out to play! 

When was the last time you let yourself enjoy the tremendous power of the creative zone? That truly wondrous place where time does not exist, & absolutely anything is possible?

Turquoise moons in purple skies, pink & orange striped flowers as big as towering sky scrapers, space ships and time machines that take you on journeys to the most magical mysterious places. What a glorious way to both at once relax & entertain your mind. 

Think back to what kinds of art you enjoyed creating as a child. Did you enjoy getting gloriously messy with colorful paints? Or creating intricately detailed designs with cross stitch? Or maybe even squishing your hands in mushy wet clay?

What a wonderful way to decorate your home as well! Because when you add artwork to your home that you yourself created, it transforms your space into a truly unique place that is a reflection of the beauty that is you.

So it sounds like a whole lot of fun, but you're not quite sure how to start? How about with a coloring book for grown ups? Coloring is fun, easy & relaxes your mind. And if you haven't created art for some time, coloring is a wonderful way to get your creative vibes flowing. 


Letting Go - original art by Stacey Taylor or Effortlessly Eclectic

#7 Embrace Color

Speaking of color, isn't it high time we all ditch our fear of color once and for all? After all, it is such a powerful tool with which to express ourselves. Something truly wonderful for us all to embrace!

And no, color isn't just for kids rooms. Endless beautiful colors are in abundance for us all to enjoy!

Nature knows the power of color. Mother nature has mastered the art using color to create powerfully emotional experiences for us. Bright blue skies, lush green grass, fluffy white clouds, velvety red roses, purple & yellow irises, streaming colorful rainbows, & fiery pink & orange sunsets that light up the sky before turning it into a deep black canvas & painting it with the most beautiful silvery moon & stars.

Imagine the serenity of soaking in a beautiful white clawfoot tub, surrounded by walls of pale blue, & the loveliest pink orchid sitting on the gold side table next to you.

After your luxurious bath you wrap yourself in a soft fluffy robe and stroll into your piano room where you sit down at your deep black baby grand which looks so lovely atop your pale blue Moroccan rug. You're surrounded by beautifully patterned papered walls of vibrant magenta, while the love of your life lounges on your lime green velvet chaise, completely bewitched by the enchanting sounds of your beautiful melody.

So where can you add color in your home? Anyplace you like! Your walls, ceiling, area rugs, sofa & chairs, doors, art & accessories all can all be brought to life with the magic of beautiful color.



The Seven Steps

So here they are once again,...the seven easy ways to make your home more interesting, creative, beautiful, & authentically you.



Stop asking everyone else how you should decorate your home. Because no one knows what makes you happy better than you do.


Art doesn't have to match the sofa. Its' purpose is to touch your soul.


Incorporating pieces in your home that connect you with happy childhood memories creates a home that feels safe, loving, & makes you feel good.


Live plants have the power to clean the air, soften hard lines, beautify your home, & enliven your spirit. 


When you think of your home as one great big vision board, you create a space for yourself that inspires you to chase after your wildest dreams.


Let your creative spirit out to play, and frame & display your favorite masterpieces to make your home beautifully unique. 



Color isn't anything to fear. It's a powerful tool with which to express yourself as you create a multitude of pleasurable experiences in the different rooms of your home. 



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