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Unique Art & Decor to Delight Your

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Living in a Home That’s Exactly Like Everyone Else’s Is No Fun.

Dare to be Different
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Shop Original Art & Handmade Home Decor

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Color Your Own DIY Art for Your Home

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Get Creative Home Decorating Tips for Your Unique Home

Shop Effortlessly Eclectic Original Art & Handmade Home Decor
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Eclectic FLEURS


Treat yourself to joyfully whimsical original floral art to brighten your home & life.
Each one of a kind flower is as unique as you.


Handmade Home Decor


Decorate your home with one of a kind handmade art & decor that no one else in the world has.
Collect your favorites to create a unique artful home that lights up your spirit.

Make your own custom art with Color Your Home books by Effortlessly Eclectic
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Create Your Own


Indulge in creative play as you color beautifully hand drawn artwork in Color Your Home books.
Helpful tips make it effortlessly enjoyable to color, frame, & display your artwork in your home.

Style your unique eclectic home - Effortlessly Eclectic
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The Eclectic Home Decorating Style

What it is & why you need it.

Free e-book Seven Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Interesting, Creative, Beautiful, & Authentically You! Created by Stacey Taylor of Effortlessly Eclectic art & home styling.


Get creative home decorating ideas for your unique eclectic home in your FREE home styling guide
”Seven Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Interesting, Creative,
Beautiful, & Authentically You!”

Because your home should make you smile!

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Meet Your Artist & Home Styling Guide

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Artist & Designer Stacey Taylor of Effortlessly Eclectic

Hello, Creative Spirit!

I’m so happy you’re here!

You and I were born into a truly magical world.

A world of blue skies, soft green grass, mountains, seas, towering trees, rainbows, singing birds, deliciously scented flowers, & starry nights.

We weren’t designed to live in clutter, noise, & uninspiring decor. An environment like that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, tired, & uninspired.

But imagine living in a home filled with your favorite colors & textures, artwork that touches your soul, lush healthy green plants, delicious scents, wonderful music, & loving reminders of treasured memories, current passions, & dreams of the future. Living in a place like that makes your whole life brighter!

I don’t just care about your home, I care about you.

I’m here to guide you along in your journey of creating your own beautifully unique eclectic home.

Your own little world filled with everything that makes you smile.