Color Your Home Bohemian

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Connect with the Adventurous Free Spirit Inside of You

Grab your colored pencils, light some incense, & get ready to Color Your Home Bohemian!


About the Book

Color Your Home Bohemian is both an adult coloring book and an interior design book.

Add your favorite colors to the beautifully hand drawn bohemian style artwork to create something that is uniquely yours.  Learn how to choose mats & frames that compliment your art, and how to display your new artwork in your home like a pro.  Even learn about the bohemian style, & how you can add more of it to your home with furniture, lighting, & accessories.


The Pictures You Will Color

Enjoy creating with a truly eclectic mix of bohemian art that was inspired by the beauty of nature, by places such as India & Africa, and by the Native American, the Gypsy, & the Hippie.

Color a dreamcatcher, mandala, peace sign, yin yang, God’s eye, & henna style art.  Enjoy fun boho details like feathers, arrows, triangles, flowers, birds, & butterflies.


About the Art

Every piece of artwork in the book was drawn for you completely by hand.  This ensures that your finished piece will have that special character & charm that handmade art is known for. 

You can make 60 different pieces of art with the 30 unique drawings in the book, each given in two different sizes.

All of the art is single sided, so you can safely color with markers by adding a few sheets of blank paper behind the page you are coloring.

And it's easy to find mats & frames for your finished artwork, because all of the art is sized to fit right into a variety of standard sized mats & frames. 


Share What You Create

Have a wonderful time becoming the artist of your own home, & be sure to share your pictures online with #eecoloryourhome . I can't wait to see what you create!